StemLand-Name Board

At first the children did a seven segment display(SSD) board which displays StemLand on it by lighting it up using a 9V battery using a corresponding resistor in series. After that we(Anishvathi,Sangeetha,Praveen,Sharmila,Fevina- 8th Grade Students) properly soldered the SSD on a pcb board . We wanted to make the ssd to light up in various ways. So, we used an arduino pro-mini to program the SSD to blink in various ways .We used a battery which was 9V but if we had given the 9V directly it would burn out the arduino board and the SSD.So, we used a 5V voltage regulator which will give us 5V at the output from a 9V input from the battery. Where the output of the regulator is fed to the input of the arduino board. The board worked smoothly. After a few days the battery discharged so we had to change a new battery .

Then Sanjeev gave an idea to make it work using the solar panel . At first Praveen (Student form 8th Grade) and I used one solar panel which did not have enough current to light up the SSDs.So, we used two solar panels in parallel and we got enough current to light up the SSD. Now the board runs in solar energy from the solar panel.


DSC_0715(Praveen holding the solar panel and displaying how it works)

There is also more detail about this Name Board in the link below