2nd session at Vasavi International School

The 2nd session at Vasavi International School started with reflections on the previous session, deep listening managing background conversation, and the application of the Phonics Method of Multiplication Tables.

Facilitated by the Mathegramming team, teachers were guided on how to still themselves and open-heartedly listen especially to their students. The teachers learned to handle their background conversations such as right /wrong, agree/disagree, finding a flaw, thought of not taking responsibility, polarization with Us/them, exclusive options of either this or that rather than both, and scarcity mindset of not enough. Their reflections were that such background conversations may lead me to biases and prejudices and making decisions from these rather than the situation at hand. I have a choice to ignore all these and have a deep listening to the situation and make a decision.  If I am preoccupied with background conversations it limits me

With practical techniques such as deep listening and teachers gained a deeper understanding of how to listen open-heartedly.

The Mathegramming team introduced the Phonics Method of Multiplication Tables, a three-dimensional mental map to help children who have difficulty in multiplication tables.

Introduce all the images in the Phonics Method of Multiplication Tables and ask children what they are along with the sounds. Make children practice the names of the objects and see if they can identify the sounds while saying the names of the objects.

Eg:  foot

Deciphering the sounds and numbers:

Map the numbers from 0-9 with the sounds.

Practice making children map the numbers with the sounds for all the objects.

See if children can say the numbers instead of the object name between the two numbers/on top of the number in the room.

 The Pictures of scratch projects is shown below.

To provide a hands-on experience, the Mathegramming team helped teachers create a unique Scratch project based on the Vaughn Cube.

The teacher training session at Vasavi School proved to be an empowering and transformative experience for educators. Armed with the insights gained on self-reflection, deep listening, managing background conversation, and the phonics method, teachers are better equipped to create a positive and nurturing educational environment for their students.