Aurovidya Conference

Our trip to Hyderabad for Aurovidya Conference has been canceled at the last minute due to COVID. They have asked us to attend a 1-hour session where all the participants gave a brief on their session what they have planned to deliver in the offline session. There were about 140 participants who attended the session. Pratap, Poovizhi, and Prabha gave a short presentation that we planned to do it offline with the people.  It was interesting to present our work with others and others also presented on integral education. The presentation on Self-awareness through STEM was well received.

A reflection received after the presentation from Chhalamayi
Reshma “I Would like to thank you for willingly and graciously participating in the Curtain Raiser of the AuroVidya Seminar.
We could get an inspirational glimpse of your presentation/session.
We very much look forward to you attending the Seminar offline soon.”