Empowering Students Through Mathegramming Academy: A Journey of Learning at Isaiambalam and Udavi School

Mathegramming Academy, a unique blend of visual mathematics and programming is looking to ground its learning locally. Students in Isai ambalam School and Udavi School are looking to create projects that help them deepen their understanding of the topics taken up in their classes. A couple of children in each grade took up the challenge each time to create projects for a topic by putting in a little more time practicing at home and using the time in the school to do projects.

This approach not only makes mathematics more engaging but also helps students internalize abstract concepts by visualizing them through code. It also allows children to share something concrete with their peers adding a sense of responsibility to their learning. These presentations also act as a way to revisit a concept or get an introduction to a new concept (across grades).

The students who took up projects found that it challenged them and made them think creatively, needing to experiment with different approaches and come up with their solutions. This approach not only enhances problem-solving skills but also gives a sense of confidence and accomplishment

This is creating projects and children who are championing new approaches to education.