Palm Leaf Craft

At Isai Ambalam School the children were learning palm leaf craft and some of them had become quite good at it. We had a trainer/facilitator Partha who travels and teaches this art while also making products to support himself. Some of the youth from STEM Land also interacted with him and learned making these products along with the children and also had some sessions with him without the children.

Ajay’s Insight

Through palm craft, I not only learned about the craft itself but also gained insight into Partha’s life experiences and how he journeyed through this art. He shared the various creations that can be made from palm trees, along with the distinct perspective he brings compared to others who pursue it for business. His interest in learning this craft from an elderly mentor who taught him initially amazes me. He also fondly recollected his early days while conversing with us. I feel thankful for the chance to engage with him and acquire knowledge from his expertise.

Sundaresan’s Insight

Engaging in palm craft has been a transformative experience for me. This creative endeavor has not only provided me with a safe way to handle materials but has also unexpectedly brought a sense of calm while doing so. Through palm craft, I’ve found a remarkable ability to channel my anger and emotions into a state of tranquility. One of the most remarkable outcomes has been the improvement in my concentration. I’ve noticed that when I immerse myself in palm craft activities, my ability to focus and stay present becomes noticeably enhanced. What’s equally important is the eco-friendly nature of palm craft. Working with non-polluting materials aligns perfectly with my values, allowing me to engage in a creative process that leaves minimal environmental impact. Moreover, the satisfaction I feel when sharing knowledge about palm products with others is truly fulfilling. Raising awareness about the benefits of palm-based items has become a personal mission, further connecting me to the craft and its positive implications. Furthermore, engaging in palm craft has had a positive impact on my daily routine by helping me reduce my screen time on my mobile phone. In an era dominated by social media, where valuable time often gets consumed, palm craft has provided a transformative shift. This hands-on activity has redirected my attention toward creating practical and creative products.

Sivaguruprasath’s Insight

Engaging in palm craft has taught me that it goes beyond creating display items – it embodies the livelihood of our ancestors, integrated into their daily routines. Partha, our craft teacher, conveyed that this craft utilized time to fulfill our needs. Crafting numerous items from palm products not only decreases reliance on plastics and synthetic materials but also aids in revitalizing the environment. Moreover, the utilization of palm crafts offers substantial benefits to human health. Attending this session was truly remarkable, leaving me content and gratified.

Sri Bhavani’s Insight

Through this palm craft session, I’ve come to realize that I can learn new things when I approach tasks with diligence and a keen interest. This learning experience is assisting me in cultivating more passion and diligence, aligning my actions with my thoughts. It’s encouraging me to consider various possibilities and think in different ways.