Empowering Vaasavi School Teachers: A Transformative Session on Radical Transformational Leadership Profiles and the Versatility of Dienes Blocks


In a commitment to fostering holistic and effective teaching practices, Mathegramming Academy delivered a session on the four Profiles from Radical Transformational Leadership (RTL). This session also introduced the innovative Dienes Blocks, a versatile teaching tool with multiple educational applications.  Additionally, we’ll delve into the benefits of integrating Dienes Blocks into the curriculum for enhanced learning experiences.

Radical Transformational Leadership (RTL) tools are designed to empower individuals to create transformative and sustainable changes in society. The session at Vaasavi School introduced an individual’s four essential Profiles:

1. Wisdom Profile:

The Wisdom Profile emphasizes the cultivation of self-awareness and mindfulness in teachers. By tapping into their inner wisdom and intuition, teachers can better understand their purpose, values, and vision for the classroom. This heightened awareness helps make sound decisions that positively impact students and the learning environment.

2. Personality Profile:

The Personality Profile delves into the individual styles and traits of teachers. Emphasizing authenticity and empathy, this profile encourages teachers to embrace their unique strengths and foster genuine connections with students. As with any style, no style is better or worse, but adds richness and diversity.

3. Professional Profile:

The Professional Profile is about the specific skills and our gift to the world. Continuous professional development is crucial in this profile, as it enables teachers to refine their teaching techniques, stay updated with innovative practices, and effectively manage the challenges of modern education.

4. Social Profile:

The Social Profile emphasizes the importance of teachers as change agents in society. By engaging with the community, collaborating with colleagues, and addressing social issues both in and outside the classroom, teachers can create a positive impact beyond the boundaries of their school.

Four different personalities

Processing Insight from Teachers

Introducing Dienes Blocks

 The Dienes blocks consist of units, rods, flats, and cubes, each representing different place values. Dienes Blocks facilitate hands-on learning experiences and offer a visual representation of mathematical concepts, making abstract ideas more concrete and accessible to students.

Uses and Benefits of Dienes Blocks in the Classroom

1. Concrete Understanding: Dienes Blocks help students grasp mathematical concepts, such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, in a concrete and tangible manner. This deep understanding fosters a strong foundation for further mathematical exploration.

2. Active Engagement: The hands-on nature of Dienes Blocks encourages active engagement in the learning process, promoting student involvement and participation during math lessons.

3. Problem-Solving Skills: Through manipulation of the blocks, students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they explore different strategies to solve mathematical problems.

4. Visual Representation: The visual representation of mathematical operations using Dienes Blocks benefits visual learners, allowing them to comprehend complex concepts more effectively.

5. Collaborative Learning: Dienes Blocks foster collaborative learning as students work together, share ideas, and discuss mathematical concepts, promoting teamwork and communication skills.


The transformative session on Radical Transformational Leadership Profiles and the incorporation of Dienes Blocks at Vaasavi School is a significant step towards empowering teachers and enhancing their teaching practices. By embracing the Wisdom, Personality, Professional, and Social Profiles from Radical Transformational Leadership, educators can cultivate a transformative leadership approach that positively influences both students and the community. Additionally, the integration of Dienes Blocks into the curriculum enables teachers to create engaging and effective math lessons, promoting a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts among students. With these empowering tools and strategies, Mathegramming Academy continues to shape a brighter future for teachers and students.