Igniting Minds through Innovative Teacher Training: Mathegramming Academy’s STEM-Centric Sessions in Edayanchavadi and Bommayarpalayam Government Schools.

Mathegramming Academy embarked on a remarkable journey by organizing enlightening sessions in government schools located in Edayanchavadi and Bommayarpalayam. These training sessions aimed to equip students with the tools and techniques needed to create engaging and impactful learning experiences.

The training sessions for Government School Edayanchavadi are slated for every Friday, while sessions for Government School Bommayarpalayam are scheduled every Monday. Each training session spans a duration of 2 hours. Among the highlights were explorations into STEM education, ground rules, and innovative teaching using GeoGebra, all of which set the stage for a dynamic and promising future for both teachers and students.

The training sessions commenced with an insightful introduction to STEMland –where creativity and critical thinking converge to pave the way for meaningful learning experiences. Through this introduction, teachers got the importance of STEM education in fostering holistic development, preparing students for real-world challenges, and nurturing a love for learning beyond the classroom.

We shared the ground rules of STEMland – respect yourself, respect others, and respect the materials. These guidelines foster a collaborative and supportive environment, emphasizing the value of respect, active participation, and open dialogue. This initial step set the tone for a productive and engaging training experience and learning from one another.

One of the highlights of the training sessions was the introduction to GeoGebra – a versatile mathematical software that empowers educators to create interactive visualizations and simulations. Through hands-on activities, teachers discovered how GeoGebra could be integrated into their teaching practices, transforming abstract concepts into tangible, interactive experiences. This innovative approach breathed new life into mathematics lessons, making them more relatable and engaging for students.

Exploring the Sum of Interior Angles of a Triangle: A particular highlight of the training was the exploration of the sum of interior angles in a triangle. Teachers delved into this fundamental geometrical concept using GeoGebra, unraveling the mysteries of why the angles of a triangle always add up to 180 degrees.

 The utilization of GeoGebra not only demystified mathematical concepts but also kindled a passion for exploration and discovery among young minds.

Mathegramming Academy’s teacher and children training sessions in Edayanchavadi and Bommayarpalayam illuminated a path toward a brighter future for education. As we celebrate this remarkable endeavor, we continue to champion innovative approaches in education especially for those who do not have access to it.