My Reflection on the Two-Week Vipassana Course

~ Sundaresan

The two-week morning Vipassana sessions have significantly helped me restart my daily meditation practice. Before this course, I struggled to sit for extended periods and concentrate on my breath. I had also lost confidence in my ability to focus on my sensations and found it challenging to control my emotions.

During the first three days, I experienced body pain and back pain due to the sudden requirement to sit for long periods. However, I noticed a difference compared to other days; the sessions brought me a sense of peace and refreshment that lasted throughout the day. By the third day, my back pain subsided. This positive impact extended to my work and family life, boosting my confidence to undertake a 10-day Vipassana course.

Additionally, Anapana practice has become a valuable tool for me throughout the day. Whenever I feel bad or face difficult situations, my mind automatically prompts me to practice Anapana. I have observed that meditation has a unique power to transform the mind in a short period. Without it, overthinking negatively affects my mental and physical health. Currently, I am able to notice my breath, though I still struggle to fully perceive my body sensations.