Reflections from Sivaguruprasath and Poonguzhali:

We attended a 3-month course on grammatically correct English conducted from July 28 to October 27, 2023 conducted by Ms. Vatsla Sharma at SAIIER and Coordinated by Sanjeev. Around 15 teachers from Auroville attended.

We learned topics like Apostrophes, Use of Articles, 12 Tenses and Rules, Modals, Prepositions and Conditional clauses.

  • Tenses help convey the timing of an action or event in a sentence.
  • While practicing the exercise of storytelling with the team we learned to choose the right tense to express ourselves.
  • When we practiced, we got more confidence.  Madam gave homework and drill practice exercises.
  • It was awesome to see the new way of learning and expressing our ideas. As a team, we shared conditional clauses one by one, and we noticed everyone was learning new things


In this three-month journey of English class, we have not only improved our written and spoken communication, but also gained confidence in expressing ourselves effectively.

This course is beneficial and wonderful opportunity for us. Thanks to C3STREAM Land and SAIIER.