String Game with BVOC Students

On November 8, 2023, For the first year BVOC students we (Second year’s and C3streamland) conducted Fresher’s Day and the second-year students spoke to Dr. Sanjeev Ranganathan and he suggested them the system game (String game) which they learned from the Integral Education workshop and the game involves better understanding of themself and their fellow mates  it results in teamwork and creativity.

At first Sanjeev joined them online to explain the rules and give some introduction to the game and the game organizers were Durai, Ajay, Sandhiya, Premkumar and Sanjeev. The game had three rounds at the beginning of the game they were confused and stuck with some common shapes like circle, square, like that.  at the end of the first round, they were asked to see the score and shapes they were disappointed and got low score and in the second round they started with the same but ended with some shapes like trees, mountains and at the end they were able to see the difference between the first and second game and some of them were able to identify why they got these differences and they discussed. At the third round they were able to see the creativity and team coordination and communication among themself was improved much more than the beginning of the game.

Once they completed the string games and they were asked to share their reflections about the game with Sanjeev and how they can relate it to the real world.

Overall reflections and learnings from students:

  • The importance of deep listening.
  • Importance of adaptability.
  • Value of collaboration and coordination.
  • Acting over my background conversation.
  • They felt the essence of teamwork and the fun it gives when they work together.
  • Full potential
  • Observation and focus.
  • Problem solving.
  • Valuing others’ ideas.