Rishi Valley School Journey into STEM Land

On 24th January 2024, there were 40 Students and Teachers from Rishi Valley School in Andhra Pradesh who came to visit STEM land. The Mathegramming team conducted a two-hour session with them. First, we started the session with Stand and Fear in “Radical Transformational Leadership”. Technology is value neutral and we talked about the values that we would like to embody when we use technology and also my socialized fear that does not support me being my full potential or embody my stand.

These sessions help to break our silos and work as a team in groups. Each student shared their name and qualities in different ways.

Explored STEM Activities

Following the workshop, the children were asked to challenge themselves and take up something they had not done before and the group explored various STEM activities. The students choose activities based on their interests. The categories included Puzzles, Mindstorms, Materials, Craftwork, Electronics, Scratch, and Games.

Showing STEMland concept materials like Integers, dines blocks, and Algebraic Identities to children they can see how these concepts are related to everyday life. Teaching students makes a big positive impact and it helps them to think critically and problem-solving skills. This way of approach not only benefits the children’s educational development but also makes collaborative learning with others.

In the electronics section, students were able to understand the uses of electronic devices such as voltage, resistors, and current, along with a multimeter. They gained knowledge in drawing circuit diagrams and calculating the daily consumption of current in their surroundings.

In the Mindstorm section, we had fun with robots. Step by step, we guided each other on how to build a simple robot, the connection of all the parts, and how to control our robots. It creates enthusiasm and joy in learning.

In the craftwork section, students and teachers participated in crafting Kirigami balls. They started by painting their sheets and observing the connection between creativity and critical thinking. After finishing the Kirigami balls, they made everyone happy.

After completing the learning experience students and teachers shared about what they learned and how it connects to real life.

Reflection from our Organization’s member

My name is Sharmila. I stand for courage and patience for myself and others. On January 24, 2024, a group of students, accompanied by their teachers, visited STEM Land. I volunteered to guide them in exploring the games. The students were enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed playing the games introduced to them, which were focused on logic and strategic thinking.  It was heartening to witness their engagement and enjoyment throughout the exploration. I believe that the gaming session at STEM Land provided a perfect platform for both fun and learning.