Udavi school open house (4th to 6th)



An open house is an event where the children display whatever they have done over the year in their classroom and invite parents, friends, teachers, and everyone to have a look at their creativity, innovation, and progress. This event took place on 26/03/2024.

Stem Land also supports Udavi school students in stem education, and I am supporting 6th grade. I was informed about the event 10 days before the event was going to happen. I thought of doing something new with the children that could be displayed on that day.

I met our Steward Sanjeev Ranganathan to ask if we could do something new in electronics with the Mathegramming team’s support. After completing the conversation with Sanjeev Anna, I came to learn from him the importance of being principled. He was so principled that he said to me that doing new just to show parents is not valuable.

Instead, do what you were doing with them over the year. He also opened space and opportunity for the children to have sessions on electronics with the help of the Mathegrammimg team before the event and then display what they have learned in that session.

Then with the help of the Mathergramming team, who always work for children’s education by doing scratch projects, electronics projects, and RTL, gave a session on electronics.

Concepts covered in the session:

  • Difference between voltage, current, power and energy,
    • Energy Calculation,
    • Battery backup required to setup invertor,
    • Resistance.

Outcome after the session:

  • students learned the difference between voltage, current, charge, power, and energy,
  • Students were able to calculate their electricity bill,
  • Students were able to estimate how long they can power their house using an inverter battery,
  • The Minimum voltage which would shock them,
  • what a resistor does and the importance of a resistor in a circuit.

 The mindset of children before the session:

  • If there is no power in their house, students said current cut, no voltage is coming, power cut,
  • Some students thought that a 9V battery can shock them.

What children did at the open house:

  1. Energy calculation

They explained how to calculate the energy consumption to their parents with the help of a chart that they made during the session. The energy that each electrical appliance consumes was made clear to parents. It gave a sense of high energy-consuming appliance to them.

  1. Understanding of Voltage

The water tank example that the children learned in the session helped them understand voltage with ease.

They also showed a demo of an LED light connection. The minimum voltage requires for the light. How voltage acts to brighten the LED.

  1. Resistance

With the help of a multimeter, the children showed a demo of finding the resistance of the body. From this they were able to find the minimum voltage at which it could hurt them .

Robotics (Mindstorm):

The children did an EV3 Raptor. This was made by the whole class. Each student involved themselves by splitting each work among themselves. Few gathered the parts, few worked on the head, the tail, the body, and few on wiring. Finally, all of them were able to complete it and make it work. This was fascinating to children and the parents were thrilled with what their child was able to do.

Insights and experience from parents:

          I was amazed to see that my child was explaining to me how the Electricity bill was calculated and the consumption of electrical appliances we had at home. It also made me wonder how come at a young age they were able to understand. I would like to thank the teachers for introducing concepts at a very young which would give them confidence. Proud to say that I have learned from my child which I was not taught in my school.

            All the projects made by the students were excellent. I was happy to see what my child was able to do. She has always been dull at home. The way she has made projects doesn’t seem she is like that. I understood that the school environment has made her show her abilities. Looking forward to making the home environment the same as school so that she can be at her best and express her abilities at home too.

            My child kept reminding me about the open house two days before the event. I could see his enthusiasm in showing me what he had learned at school. To my surprise, he showed me a robot which he made. I was surprised to see it. He also demonstrated it. It was made by a group of students. I am happy for all of them.

            In the beginning, I thought that the teacher would have made it the most. But later found that the teachers were just being the guide. I found it by the way the children demonstrated it. They demonstrated it so nicely and clearly, this showed how well they have learned these.

Insights from people who supported and attended the open house:

Rajesh – Math Teacher

          My name is Rajesh and I stand for care and integrity for myself and others. When I want to see a difference in education, I open new opportunities with my effort and the partner with whom I enroll. I am also clear about what the enrolling partner could do in this process. This allows children to be at their best with their ability to do things on their own, with creativity and understanding, this makes a lot of difference. Even the parents get confidence and belief in their child and the way I teach which is always going to be for their good. This confidence helps the parents to move from the fear and worries about the mark and focus the child to be at their best and attain the maximum of knowledge.

Dinesh – a person who supported electronic session

          My name is Dinesh, I stand for care and perseverance for myself and others. While taking electronics sessions for Udavi school students, I felt that I added value to their learning. With Small examples about speed, distance, and time, I was able to make them understand better. From this, I learned that the things that I already know help me convey what I want to convey clearly.


          My name is Ajay, I stand for self-awareness for myself and others. During the Open House conducted at Udavi School, I noticed that many things reminded me of my school days when I used to participate actively. I thoroughly enjoyed the children’s performances in short plays, songs, and dances. Additionally, seeing their projects in the classrooms, such as the robotic snakes made with Mindstorms, was very impressive. Observing the children with their projects made me happy and excited.


          My name is Sivaguruprasath, and I stand for courage, full potential, and equanimity for myself and others. I have learned about children’s creativity in coloring, crafts, and their experiments in electronics, which were amazing and inspiring. The potential they have shown in creation goes beyond the margin. Additionally, I have learned that education is an unending process, and I must continue learning by stepping out of my comfort zone.


          My name is Sandhiya and I stand for courage, care, and happiness for myself and others. I have learned in the open house, to see the quality of work children did and the courage to explore and present it to others. I see the preparation to present before is very important.

Sri Bhavani:

My name is Sri Bhavani, I stand for Equality and Love for myself and others. In this open house, children were very excited to present their learnings to their parents and visitors with a demonstration. Two groups of children showed interest in electronics and Mindstorm robot. Children from these groups also enthusiastically presented their projects. I acknowledge STEM teachers who supported children to learn electronics and make projects. I see the quality of care and responsibility. I will retain these values in my life.


          My name is Poonguzhali. I stand for courage for myself and others. In the Udavi open house, children and teachers worked together, created thoughtful crafts, and visualized study materials. All the children engaged in participating and showcasing their creative ideas. In this open house event, every child engages themselves through their mental and physical being. I was able to notice children’s full potential, perseverance, and courage. I will use all these qualities in my life.