Women’s Engineering College Visits STEMland

Preethi, Sivasankar, Premkumar,Ilakya and Soundhariya

Women’s Engineering College from Puducherry explored STEMland for Learning. This visit was a special chance for students to learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in a fun and interactive way. The Mathegramming Team welcomed them warmly and explained what STEMland is all about and the importance of the ground rules. We focused on working together, being respectful, and creating a friendly space for everyone

The Mathegramming Team showed the college students how to teach STEM stuff to children in a fun way. After being given a deep explanation to students, we started to explore the games, solving Puzzles, materials, and modules from scratch. The trip made them want to find new ways of teaching and got them excited to try out creative ways that can make students interested and help them understand and enjoy learning .

As the hour came to a close, the students left STEMland with a fresh passion for STEM education. This visit was a small step towards making STEM more enjoyable and available to explore for everyone.

Reflection from our Organization members

My name is Sivaguruprasath and I stand for Courage, Full potential, and Equanimity for myself and others. Stepping up and sharing the learnings exhibits the values of full potential and dedication. I see myself as responsible for guiding students to play STEM games and explaining how they enhance Mathematics knowledge. Students were very much eagerly involved and learned games.

My name is Jayabharathi and I stand for courage and care for myself and others. It was a different experience interacting with college students when they visited our campus. They understood the difference between the usual education system and the change our organization is bringing out during the first minutes itself. I was asked to explain what Udavi taught me apart from education. It was a great chance for me to explain about the values that I gained from Udavi apart from education. They expressed their views about their way of learning which they felt was boring since it was mostly filled with mugging up concepts. I interacted personally with a few students and they were eager to know more about our organization.  They were fascinated by the various puzzles and games they experienced playing within the time given to them. A few students expressed their interest in visiting us back and taking part in our activities in the future. I noticed myself being in my stand while rendering my support to help them experience this environment and make them understand the true purpose of education as far as I can.

My Name is Sribhavani. I stand for Love and Equality for myself and others. In this session, I have noticed how youngsters are curious to learn maths using materials. This session allows me to learn new games and puzzles and support others to learn. Each one in the crew had a good time to see how schools are encouraging children to learn things differently. I see the rigor in the students to explore more about STEMLAND.

My name is Sundaresan. I stand for happiness and courage for myself and others. Interacting with college students brings back memories of my own college days. I can connect their current learning experiences with the lessons I learned during my college days. After the students learned about algebraic formulas involving cubes, they began to realize that the education system primarily emphasizes rote memorization for grades rather than fostering a deep understanding of the subject. To illustrate this point, I introduced the Dimension game to the students. Initially, they viewed it as just a game, but after my explanation, they discovered the hidden benefits of playing. The game helps improve concentration, presence of mind, honesty, and the ability to think of solutions within a given time.

My name is Ajay I deeply care about happiness and self-awareness for myself and everyone. During this visit, I can recall some of the games from stemland and support the Mathegramming team on this. There were about 60 students I explained the games like Abacan, sputnik, and some puzzles. They were excited and they wanted to spend more time in each game but they couldn’t. In the end, some of them shared what they had learned.