Internship at Aura semiconductors, Bangalore

We spent two weeks as interns at Aura semiconductors, Bangalore. Staying, food and travel was taken care by Aura.

Things that I noticed differently:

I saw people working for a long time from 10 to 13 hours a day. They worked very focused and as teams. Problems were brought together and discussed between them. I noticed that they did not move to the next solution instead they stayed with the problem. People reviewed their work often.

What I learned:

This was a learning experience for me and I leaned a lot by simply noticing other people work. People had their own style of coding. I learned to think logically. This really helped me to move faster (than before) and I noticed that logical thinking helps a lot in coding. My four main learning are

1. Never hard code

2. Make the code as general as possible

3. Comment and give meaningful names to your variables so that it helps others understand what the line does. Even it helps my own self if I look at the code after some period of time.

4. Write down all the comments first before I start coding and have an idea of what the code should have. Write it in simple English.

In fact I learned lot more other stuffs.

What will I do differently:

I will interact more with my team and learn from each other.

Other cool stuffs of Bangalore:

There are lot of places where you can hang out. Living is too expensive. There are many job opportunities for graduates in Bangalore especially Engineers.