Scratch Course


Task 1

Task  one is to make a scratch program that asks 10 different questions and the user enters the answers. This program should use sensing operation in scratch. When the answer is correct it should move to next question. If the answer is wrong then the same question should be repeated.


  • Able to understand sensing operation in scratch.
  • Able to make a simple scratch program.


The pen function, motion functions were introduced. To get more information about the following function, We did a session with government school with the following function. To get more info visit the link

Task to complete:

  • The challenge is to draw a square, triangle and a circle in scratch.


  • To be able to use pen up and pen down function.
  • Able to understand and use motion commands like move, turn (right, left) using degrees etc.
  • Able to draw a square, triangle and a circle using scratch.
  • Able to use pen size, pen colour, change pen colour and pen shade.

Task 3

Scratch can be used to make games. In the third session we asked the children to make a maze game. To get more information on the session visit

Task given:

  • The task was to use the pen function and draw line when the object moves in the maze game to find out whether the object is moving smoothly or hardly.
  • Then the children worked in pairs with each other and also with their teacher on the pen function and were able to draw line when the object moved.


  • Able to create a maze path background image.
  • Able to use sensing functions.
  • Become familiar with motion functions.

Task 4

Once the previous task was completed the children added score function to the maze game.

Task given:

  1. Create score and increase it for every right answer.
  2. Decrease score for every wrong answer or reset to 0.
  3. Create a repeat until loop for each of the if else conditions.


  • Able to use functions that are present in control block.
  • Able to use logic using if statements.
  • Able to  set a variable using Data block.

Task 5

In the 5th session Function and Variables are introduced. To draw a circle with by creating a simple  function with variables. For more information you can visit the following link


Task given:

  • How to draw a circle and check how many circles can be drawn around a circle with the same diameter touching each other.
  • How  to draw a circle from smaller to bigger circle with the same between each other.


  • Able to create a function .
  • Able to  set a variable using Data block.
  • Able to reduce the size of the code.