Four profiles

~Sandhiya, Poovizhi

At C3STREAM land we have sessions of continued practice of Radical Transformational Leadership sessions every Thursday within our group as well as being open to people from outside.
Few people in our team have attended the PC training with Dr. Monica Sharma and the team. To continue the practice of delivering the tools we have planned to deliver one tool in a week on Thursday mornings. I have created an excel with the number of PCs and the tools and invited the PC’s to choose the tools for which they feel they need more practice and came up with a plan for next 5 months.
Being able to practice tools each week and being able to present tools each week creates a culture of being rigorous in our practice – understanding the tool better and deeper.
The plan includes a backup person also. Whoever is delivering the tool prepares on their own first and have a call with Sanjeev a day before to get clarity on how to deliver the tool, check if the examples are suitable.
On 02/02/2023 it was Sandhiya’s turn to take Four Profile tools and I was the resource person. We worked on “My Four Profile”. Once Sandhiya completed her presentations, I gave feedback to her and Sanjeev coached her.

Reflection on being a resource person:
My name is Sandhiya, I stand for courage, care, and happiness for myself and others. I notice that growth happens beyond my comfort zone. Though we had done the exercise many times each time it gives us an opportunity to reflect and learn about ourselves. By delivering the tool I was able notice that I was uncomfortable but when worked through it I was able

Reflection on being a backup person:
My name is Poovizhi I deeply care about equality and equity. I learnt that I have all the four profiles ( wisdom profile, social profile, personality profile and professional profile). When I work from my wisdom profile I am able to notice that the way I see at my other three profiles changes.

Participants insights:
I have been thinking that the shift in social profile is happening only now a days but during the exercise with my partner he said his parents have done inter cast marriage. I learnt that the shift has been happening from earlier also.

I learnt that wisdom profile is important

I learnt that wisdom profile is important because even if I change my profession my wisdom profile remains the same.

I thought that personality profile is not important but I learnt that all profiles are important.