The Active Learning and Preparation for State Board Exams: Udavi School

~ Duraisamy, Kugan

The 10th-grade students at the Udavi School in Edaiyanchavadi are preparing for their upcoming state board annual examination. With 13 students taking the exam this year, the school has implemented a mock examination every day as a method of preparation.

One of the unique aspects of the preparation process at the Udavi School is  the freedom given to the students to study wherever they want, whether it be in the classroom, under the banyan tree, or in the portico. This freedom allows the students to choose their preferred study environment.

Not only do the students have the freedom to choose their study environment, but they are also allowed to actively engage in learning by sharing information and concepts. The students are learning by memory, discussion, and active engagement with the material. This mode of learning has been shown to increase retention and understanding, which will serve the students well in their exams.

Additionally, by dedicating each day to one or two subjects and writing a mock exam, the students are gaining crucial practice in memory retention, writing, and time management. These are all important skills for the upcoming state board exams, and the mock exams will provide a sense of what to expect on exam day.

Finally, this mode of preparation is fostering confidence in the students. They can see their progress and feel prepared for the upcoming exams. Confidence is a key factor in exam success, and the Udavi School is doing a great job in helping the 10th-grade students build their confidence.

The Udavi School’s approach to preparing for the state board exams is innovative and effective. By giving the students freedom in their study environment and encouraging active learning, they are ensuring that their students are well-prepared and confident for the exams.  It is inspiring to see how the Udavi School is helping its students succeed.