Math intuition

~ Rajesh

We were thrilled to teach a math intuition class to students, as it was fascinating to have a sense of what the result would look like. Under the guidance of Sanjeev Anna, we focused on patterns instead of answers. He spent each morning explaining mathematical patterns, which we taught to school students in the evenings

We discovered new patterns and logic that were not taught in schools or colleges to us

Advantages of having intuition in maths:

Having intuition in math allowed us to quickly recognize patterns, leading to more efficient problem-solving. It also improved our understanding of abstract concepts and fostered creativity in problem-solving and generating new mathematical ideas.

Feedback from students who attended the classes:

Firstly, they noticed the simplicity of understanding maths with patterns.

Even complex concepts were understandable

Patterns finding reduced our school theory of memorizing maths

Telling stories and relating with real-time examples increased the logic of mathematics