Tech Session With Udavi School Teachers

~ Poovizhi, Sri Bhavani

On 08/04/2023 We organised a technical session for the teachers in Udavi school from C3STREAM land. In this session, we offered our learnings to teachers be aware of cookies, application permissions, agreements and terms and conditions.

The session was handled by Sanjeev. He began the session by screening the popular documentary “The Social Dilemma,” which highlights the dangers of social media and the impact it can have on our lives. The documentary served as an eye-opener for many of the teachers, who were unaware of the extent to which their personal data is being collected and used by tech companies.

Participants were able to understand the situation of how much children were addicted to mobile phone usage. How it affects their emotions.

In Social media platforms, we always get feeds based how we likes and dislikes. No one is monitoring each person to provide such things. It was done by AI algorithm do it. The feeds were customised for each person based what they search and see.

Notifications: Turn off notifications of applications. When people get notifications, at that moment they get diverted to notification message. Anyways we see our mobile phones many times in a day. Turn off notifications of some app may help us to reduce the distraction.

Ethical and un-ethical business:

Ellipsis: Ellipsis are three dots you can see in some social media while other person is typing a message. It makes us to keep wait for the message until we receive. It also takes our time to be keep waiting for what will be the reply. In some applications, there will be option to turn of this.

Password: Never Save your passwords online. There is always risk of losing your password when you are saving it online. When people need to save their sensitive information like password, they can use keyPass tree application to save their passwords safe in offline also.

Digital wellbeing: In every android phone, there is a inbuilt app called Digital wellbeing. In this application, user can set the timer to use mobile phone for a particular time period and also user can set timer for usage of each application in your mobile phone. It will be useful for the parents who wants to control their children phone usage. After the usage of that particular time, application will lock automatically.

The session was well-organized, and the teachers were appreciative of the valuable information they received. They left with a better understanding of the importance of data privacy and online security and Conveyed their gratitude for their learnings.

Insights from the Participants:

Insight 1: I am able notice that I don’t have the control over the mobile phone usage.

Insight 2: I am able notice I am being monitored based on likes and dislikes, feeds were customised based on my likes. This session helped me to be aware of how I am using phones.

Insight 3: Creating these kinds of applications affecting the people who don’t know about these AI algorithms. They simply using these applications, get addicted to it. It leads to loss of their life sometimes.

Sri Bhavani:

From the session, I learned about ellipsis, keypass application to save passwords safely and Digital wellbeing app in mobile phone. I am to be aware of how I am using the technologies.