My Reflection – 2015

I started the year as a novice knowing very little about work and life. Aura Auro has brought a big change to me. I have learnt a lot during this one year.

As Aura Auro is an electronics centre, it is essential that I am good at it. I knew very little at the beginning. Aura Aura has given me an oppurtunity to learn and grow as an Engineer. I have learnt to analyse circuits, run simulations, build PCB boards, windows and linux admin, programming in python, blogging etc… I am learning to design circuits, working efficiently as a team, managing time, being organized.

Teaching was completely new to me. Over the year I have come to terms in managing a class. It gives me happiness to guide the children and share some of the knowledge I have.

Setting up STEM land in Udavi was a big learning curve. I was put in situations where I felt I was responsible. Though I did fail at times it was a learning experience.

We presented a paper in Mumbai, episteme 6 – International conference on Stem education. It gave us an opportunity to talk about the different things we do at school. The paper was accepted well and felt that we are going in the right directions.

Making contributions to schools and to Auroville makes me feel that I am doing something to the society around me.

Attending Monica Sharma’s workshop early in the year was a big positive for me. I learnt lots of tools and that helped me at work, school and personally also.

Overall Aura Auro has been a place where I am growing daily, learning and experimenting new things.