Stewardship for New Emergence in Tamil Program April 2018 (Appa Amma Program)

– Naveen

Stewardship/Leadership and capacity building workshop in Tamil for full potential in the workplace, home, and community.


  • Srilatha Juvva is a professor at Tata institute of social sciences.
  • Suriyaprakash C is Professor of Organizational Behavior with Jansons School of Business, Coimbatore.

The goals of the program was that an individual attending the program:

  1.  moves from resignation in workplace towards action producing results toward common goals.
  2.  builds capacity for increased personal confidence and drive for inspired-action.
  3. transforms attitudes of blame, complaints, and gossip towards responsible speaking and actions.
  4. foster a wider mindset of inter-community sustainability and well-being for all.
  5. support workplaces to become environments of learning and unfolding where action becomes integrally directed towards common goals.
  6. cultivate accomplishment.

Arun, Bala and I were part of the organizing team and PC (Practitioner Coaches) who were holding tables and conducting follow up traids. As part of the administration I took up the accountability for preparing the handouts and of breakfast of the team holding the event. 

I was holding a table as a PC (Practioner Caoch). This gave me an opportunity to practice my role as a PC as distinguished from a coach as I gave examples from my life to illustrate the tools and distinctions. In giving these examples I was also able to notice gaps in my actions. It also gave me an opportunity to improve my Tamil writing skills. I was able to write in Tamil for the participants who were not able to write. 

During the CFSR(Conscious Full Spectrum) tool, I shared my project in the stage which helped me to make my project more clearer. I also found a partner there from the audience with whom I could work because she was also doing the same kind of project. My project was one Lets Talk Trash- A team of Auroville youth cleaning and creating awareness in and around Auroville.

I was also given the opportunity to practice feedback for growth (as distinguished from diminishing feedback or advice) to each participant in my group when we did Speaking Powerfully exercise. 

My Insights:

  • I was able to notice my what was missing in my actions and worked toward filling the missing actions.
  • I noticed that I was assertive while handling the table.
  • I made sure that what I did was for the growth and exploration for others.

Other Insights:

  • Most of the participants in my team were able to speak powerfully during the the Speaking Powerfully exercise in my group.
  • I was in integrity in attending the workshop.

I need to practice, practice, practice.

This is the project with which I filled out the CFSR on the stage.