A wonder medicine for the Mind

~ Sanjay

One of the most important aspect of life is it’s nature of instability and unpredictability. One can’t experience Joyous states week after week and day after day, regardless of how hard one might try to create or hold on to them.

Thus, while I count the last two years of my life at C3StreamLand the two best of my life so far, I still have weeks where mental struggle comes to the surface. I usually have no trouble meditating every day, and I rarely struggle with exercising regularly but I struggle with things like waking up early or consuming too much sugar or my energy levels. The last week was one such where I encountered exhaustion more often than I usually do. However, two experiences stand out from that last week.

The first is that in the middle of the day, I was exhausted and could not get any cognitive work done for Aura. Neither was I able to get any work done on debugging the inverter/adaptor circuit I was building for the lab. My mind would just not work. It was sluggish. It did not want to think analytically. I would look at any task that required a certain level of analytical skill and my mind would just go blank. As for my body, it was sluggish as well, not having exercised for a while and in no mood to either.

These are usually the times I use to get some other chores done such as washing clothes, cleaning my room, go shopping or do some work related to volunteering such as Vipassana course registration or SAC Finances. I usually always experience a mild sense of satisfaction and not a little pleasure from my volunteer work. However, this time, after an hour or doing some SAC Finance work, I could not believe the effect it had on my mind. It’s almost like my mind had a nice hot bath and some massage afterwards. It was suddenly sharp and refreshed and able to tackle some hard cognitive problems. In the middle of the afternoon, I was motivated enough to get some physical exercise. The rest of the day went as smooth as any of my best days.

My thoughts after experiencing this were, This is incredible. This is the sort of work that energizes and refreshes. Certainly, I have experienced this sort of thing before, but not very frequently. If there was a pill that could do this, it would be the wonder drug of the century. It is a great fortune to be able to have some activity that can do this.