Medicinal Garden

~Pratap and saranya

Pratap, Sundar,Naveen and I was working on the medicinal garden. When we are working with children we raised question towards the children about how they got an idea like this? They said that when we attended Siddha doctor session for our small kind of infection we would like to create medicinal garden in our school that will be useful for us as well as for next generation. Again we raised question towards children about where do you want to have medicinal garden they said near by kitchen. We had like this many conversation with children finally we did fenece for the medicinal garden and each children came up with small idea that each person will select one medicinal plant and they should know about the benefit of the plat that they are choosing to have in school. They searched on the internet about their medicinal plant and they came up with an idea These are the things we need to have for the medicinal plant they took notes for that. Volunteer from US his name is rohan, He also supported children to make fence. This medicinal plant is ongoing.