On 13th May 2022, our C3Streamland team visited AIAT as a part of the BVOC program. The team was led by Dr. Sanjeev Ranganathan. AIAT is situated in Thricurtamburam, Koot Road.

AIAT, a non-profit Industrial Training Centre, aims to create prosperity in rural areas through vocational education and self-empowerment.

AIAT was established in 2004 with the support of the German Government and the non-profit organization VFAVR (Association for Development of the Region around Auroville).

AIAT focuses on technical education as a holistic approach based on learning by doing, enabling youth to become independent thinkers and to be able to provide solutions.

AIAT’s two campuses have a favourable ambience for learning, experimenting, and for creative activities.  The Irumbai campus focuses on segments of Computer Science, Electronic and Electric, and Civil; at the Palmyra campus, the focus of training is more on manufacturing and production.

The visit gave us exposure to the newly constructed Electronics lab, Electrical lab, and ICTSmartroom. The facilitators guided the team and gave a demonstration about each and every lab present.

The latest constructed Electrical lab is fully equipped with the prescribed tools and machine list. Different types of motors like series, shunt with AC and Dc supply were present. Generators, coupling units and several equipments like fridge, washing machine, solar bike and its working were also demonstrated.

In the manufacturing lab, The Fitter trades Turning, Milling, and Sheet Metal are present. Workshop halls for Fitter, equipped with 6 lathe machines, a universal milling machine, and CNCC training facilities.

The welding workshops practice various types of welding technologies such as Arc, MIG, TIG, and Gas welding machines.

Pic: Electrical lab, Electronics lab, Palmyra campus.

The Electronic Machines includes solar system maintenance. In electronics lab the wide range of projects like solar table lamp, Bluetooth car, Automatic dustbin were displayed. LED tv, WIFI router, and several equipments were illustrated.

Overall, this visit gave a versatile knowledge about the hands-on projects and experiments. The team had a wonderful time learning and observing by visiting the campus.