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Pebble Garden

Children from Isai Ambalam school went to visit Pebble garden. There he explained how to do mulching step by step. He explained how to do a bed and its size. First we have to collect dry leaves and branches. Then dip them in the water started to build a bed. Make a thin layer of with the dry leaves and add soil on top of the leaves. Do it for three time then add charcoal at the third layer. Again do the same process 4 time . Add charcoal in the 6  and 9 layer. After that he explained hoe to treat the charcoal. After doing mulching we have to wait for 2 month and then only we can use it for planting. Finally he explained the process of  vermiculture. It was an interesting trip to learn about mulching and about vermiculture.



Hot Air Balloon:

The 5th graders started to build a hot air balloon in Isai Ambalam school. We started gathering  information how to make a hot air balloon. Then we watched some videos to make the hot air balloon. We found the reason why the hot air balloon fly towards the sky. The  we used tissue papers to make a hot air balloon. The things that are need to make a  hot air balloon are glue, tissue paper and binding wire and scissors. we learnt that the hot air moves towards the cold air in the sky and this is the reason why the hot air balloon move towards the sky. I felt the student were excited while doing it . While doing this activity I found the children were responsible for the materials and team work and helping each other and sharing the materials and everyone got equal opportunities for doing the activities.



Sports Day in Isai Ambalam School:

On Friday in Isai Ambalam School we conducted sports-day for the children. The tasks were sack race, lemon in the spoon, slow cycling, running race, three legged race and Tug of war. We started with the first standard class and conducted till 7th standard. The organizers were Anitha and Sasikala. This was the first time that we conducted these game for the student . I enjoyed a lot and it was a good experience to conduct such activities for the children. Other than the participants the children were encouraging the students to win the game. Handling small children with such activities was very difficult. And I learnt that I need to have lots of energy to conduct such activities. It was a great opportunities for me and others to conduct such activities. For the winners we gave laddu and jangiri for the children. The winner got laddu and the runner got jangiri. All the children were excited and energetic.

Prathap .G



Isai Ambalam school on Saturdays

The start of the Saturday classes in Isaiambalam School has enabled a lot of different exposures with various people to the children. Some of the elder students wanted to model Sanjeev’s house with plywood. Then the list was made to buy the materials required and the students came up with the following:

  1. Saw                    x 2
  2. Hammer           x 2
  3. Sand paper      x 1m
  4. Chisel                x 1

But then we decided to use the old chisel that i had already in my arsenal, Sharpening so it was.

IMG_20170401_095104004 IMG_20170401_095048873

Once the chisel was ready

IMG_20170401_101225374 IMG_20170401_101245610

We started to carve in the windows with the correct dimensions, we took a ratio of 1:10 and descaled the House for the wood model.

Then came the task to build a real door, the children kept on a halt the house model and started to inspect room that required the door and it continued to the next class;

The old mushroom shaped room with no door:

We decided to build a door with some unused wood that was ageing without a purpose. This gave the children a view into measurement. They started out by measuring the dimensions of the door and marked the appropriate onto the wood. Then came the challenge of what joint to select, and we selected an open mortise with a pinned corner.

mortise-and-tenon-joint corner_through_mortise_and_tenon_joint

So began the sawing, hammering, and chiseling works 🙂



We wanted to make the joints perfect and decided to carve the wood to have a

In Isai Ambalam school on Saturdays many activities are done with the students. Last Saturday we did carpentry, gardening. Some learnt electronics and some played strategy games in Isai Ambalam Stemland. We also use math for measuring the wood. We also taught how to cut the wood with a saw.



Water project with EBD





Savarayalu 13/03/17

Savarayalu 8th Grade Class 13/03/17 

The class started with showing the Piper movie.
What they learnt from the movie:

  1. If we try something we can do everything.
  2. What ever we don’t know, we need to learn.
  3. We shouldn’t be afraid of anything. 
  4. If we have experience we can learn many things.
  5.  We can learn from others.
 Then we asked what would they like to do in Scratch? 

  1. They wanted to draw India map using Scratch.
  2. Parts of the body.
  3. Something with light and sound some wanted to do.
  4. Parts  of animal, bird, rocket, tree.
  5. Some wanted to do poem.
  6. To show name when the mouse pointer is on the vegetable.
Finally Sanjeev showed one example to the students how to separate the body parts of a cat. He introduced vector mode to split the parts of the body. Once the mouse pointer is on the parts of the body it displays the part name. We told them to practice what we taught them. Some student were not able to do on their own and we helped them. And they were able to do it.

At the end of the class we asked what was difficult:

Without using victor mode students were having difficulty in separating the parts of the object.                       


I would like to be rigorous in time management.

Home work:
To create a new project on their own with what they learnt in the class.
photo 1(5)photo 2(5)
photo 4(1)

Checking Hard drive Partitions

To check if your hard drive has more un formatted disk space that is not being utilized do the following:

  1. Right click on my computer icon.
  2. Select Manage
  3. Storage
  4. Disk Management

You will be able to see all the partitions; allocated and un allocated.

If there is un allocated space, format the partition and add label to it and make it active.

The new drive will show up in My computer 😉

2016 Reflections

In the beginning of 2016 I was assigned to a new project on Python called Cello (Graphical User Interface for a chip). Working on this project has improved my skill in Python and my style of thinking.

I was a beginner to Python language. I had spent quite a lot of time even with some small logic. Initially, I followed trial and error method to make my program work without much logical thinking. Indeed, I hoped for the best out it like a magic (Yes, it did work for quite a few sometimes).

Fortunately, I was able to make some small pieces of code (functions) to work. That gave me the confidence to strive to break down my program into smaller logical units. After sometime, suddenly, I realized I had started liking what I do and it seemed that I was very eager to make things work. However,  I was still a novice and I had only thought through things superficially and had no depth in it. Most of my programs were inefficient and had no comments for future reference.

After few months I completed the initial specifications project and thought I was done. It was then that I was asked to add few more features in it. It was only at that time I started to realize all my incorrect assumptions and mistakes. I think that experience was for my growth and how I did so consciously,  the capacity to deal with stress and ability to think about the big picture rather to be stuck with some of my assumptions particularly when I design something.

On the other hand, I played the role of Teacher in two schools (I’m a volunteer at two schools- IsaiAmbalam and Udavi). It was as much of a challenge as being a good programmer. I realized, it was easy for me to deliver a lecture to the class, but that did not give the result which I expected. I started having one to one conversations. I didn’t change the whole picture but few students had taken the responsibility of their own growth and started working towards it.

Later, rest of the students started noticing it and wanted to be like them. In other words, those few people inspired others simply by their action & outputs. Generally it’s hard to track each child, but this is what I’m doing and I’m happy too. I fell proud when a child teaches me something which I have no idea. I learned many things when I sit with a child (particularly problem solving skills, reasoning, aptitude and how to make myself light & happy).

Aura Auro had given me an opportunity to attend Vipassana also. That helped me to look at myself and find out what I really care for and what all are my biases. This was my biggest learning of 2016.

Govt School Teacher’s visit to Stem Land

From people sharing:

  • At lunch, I told the teachers that they can sit anywhere and have their food. A teacher replied saying that ‘you are giving so much freedom to your children and we know that we are allowed to sit anywhere we want’. It struck me that not many schools give freedom to children to make their choices.
  • A teacher at my table said that creating projects in the computer is real learning and very different from other schools where they simply give internal marks without doing anything.
  • A teacher said that he stood for all the values – I had the same thought one day, for me to happy I have to be in all the universal values. Was interesting to hear someone had the same thought as me.
  • Another teacher shared about how she was always for others and this was the first time she had time to think about herself and her values/stand.

My insights:

  • I was able to look at the wisdom profile of the teachers. Before, I looked at their social profile and made assumptions. I was able to break it.
  • I learnt to look at situations from different perspectives/lenses.

2016 Review – Bala, Sundar

2016 has been a challenging year for me both mentally and physically. I am able to see the difference in myself as compared to the previous year where I was literally a novice both at work and as a person.

My biggest learning at work is that I have found out ways to be more efficient and efficacious, be it automating work or asking other people for help. The two weeks we spent in Bangalore gave me an idea of how people work in the ‘real’ world. It gave an opportunity to learn from different people and their style of work. This was the year where I was able to make significant progress in my project.

Last year, Aura Auro had given me different platforms to explore more about myself ie, workshops such as Nainital, Stewardship and Vippasana(though I didn’t complete it). All of these helped me know about myself better. From being a participant to being a PC in the Stewardship workshop, the experience has been very different. As a PC I learnt that I need to be more rigorous in my practices. Providing a space for others to explore and learn at the same time gave me happiness.

As a teacher I am able to read the children better than last year. I used to get triggered a lot often but now I tend to listen to them openly. This made me address their problems better.

And as always contributing to the schools and to Auroville makes me feel that I am a part of this place and that I am giving something back to the society that brought me up right from my childhood.

To conclude, 2016 has been a year where both Aura Auro and I have progressed to the next stage. In cricketing terms, we began the innings with a four(people) and we finished it with a six!(people)


Reflections of 2016

From the of start of 2016 to the present (Jan 08 2017), Time has been short yet has taught me plenty. The person I was and the person I have become has a lot to say about the many things that I have done and experienced, for me the most important thing that I care about is the freedom and universal truth that I put together in doing things in my journey, one path that I took among many that I enjoyed doing was learning and teaching at the same time with the children and my colleagues. I have, and am working with the 6th and 7th std students of Udavi school. The 7th come to STEMLAND for their mathematics class, while the 6th are at the New Building campus of the school.

This time when participating and being part of the organization team for the SFNE made visible the unseen, the amount of work and energy, effort put together to bring out the workshop by all the members was inspiring and moment was amazing.

I am gifted to be part of a larger community and given a space to grow and enhance by competence being in the AAD’s team. I have come to know how import it is to give what I have and receive what is it that is out there.