Deepanam with their buzzer game:

The children of Deepanam were interested in buzzers. Then we decided to build a game using buzzers. Sanjeev came up with his innovative idea of building a maize game.

Description of the game:  Small wire maize will be set up and it will be tied between two poles. There will be a small loop of wire at one end. You have to take the loop to the other end of the maize without touching. If you touch the maize then the buzzer will beep.

Since they were new to electronics they built the game step by step. We broke it down into mini tasks before building the full game.

I built model for them. Meera was not interested in small tasks instead she built the whole game by just seeing the model that I built.

Meera building the buzzer game
Deepanam kids building the game


Mahavir playing the buzzer game that Meera built
Infact he didn’t succeed