Reflection 2017-2018

This year what was interesting for me was that I realized that learning has different curves. I have learned to be systematic and think of automation when I repeat something often. I worked on many projects last year and it gave me opportunity to be consistent and competent. The courses that was conducted in the I-smart class room was helpful to enhance my skills.

I worked on many EBD projects with Isai Ambalam school children. I have also noticed that the children who were academically weak were doing well at activities. Children were also more engaged in the class rooms and girls and boys were working together.

In Udavi I was supporting all the multi-grade classes. I needed to be always ready to answer any questions children ask. Since the children work on different topics and it is also multi-grade the questions are diverse, this makes me think more than what is needed for a black board teacher. Teaching them science, software and math at the same time makes it more interesting. I was always helped by the tools I learned from Stewardship for new emergence workshop. I have also got an opportunity to do research and access the teaching technique.