Software to track students learning plan

Pratap and myself were working on a project to create a software which tracks the students learning plan. We did it in Django. Before students were filling their daily plan and weekly plan in an excel sheet. Typing in it was difficult for them and took much more time to fill it. So we thought this software would be much easier for them. This software contains weekly plan, daily update and weekly update. They can select their standard and name. Once they select their name their picture with things that they liked most in STEM Land will appear. In weekly update they select their goals for the week, in Daily update they select their plan for that day and in weekly update they say how much they were able to complete their goal and what will they do different in next week. Through this software they come to know where they are and how they utilized the time and where to improve. We showed the project to the student and the were really happy to see it and did their plans within few minutes.