Cutting a banyan tree

The pond that we built with children got a crack. We were figuring out how the crack came. There was a banyan tree which was near the pond. We asked a mason how this crack  has formed. Then finally he told it is because on the tree. Then we started cutting the tree with some people from Auroville. While they were cutting Isai Ambalam children were very excited. They  were asking many question to the wood cutter. They were excited when they used few ropes to get the branches to the ground with out damaging the house. Children saw the process how to get the branches down. They learnt about the equipments that they were using, such as chain saw, Carabiner, helmet, knife, different kinds of ropes, pulley  and a ear muff. They explained how to use all the materials. Children also started taking notes and started helping then to move the branches. Children came to know that the rope that they used can hold 2.2 tons of weight. They started drawing the cutting process in their note. Now they have a idea how to cut a tree using the equipments. Children were happy that they have protected their pond.