What the 9th graders were proud of 2016/17


  • I was proud when I printed the 3D models, ie,House, Caterpillar
  • When I did the Stemland display board with Naveen
  • I feel proud to have nice buddy(Deivakaran)
  • When I did arduino project that alarms for 1 min


  • When I did (a+b+c)^3 in blender.
  • I feel proud when see my improvements in everything(eg, scratch, studies, strategy games etc..)
  • When I did disco light with Pravin


  • The project I did for surds using Scratch. I feel very proud.


  • I was proud of the marks I got in 2nd term
  • I am able to exercise faster and on my own


  • I am proud of the project I did in Practical Geometry.
  • Soldering Vega Kit


  • I felt proud when I did project with Sanjeev on graphs.


  • The 3D model I am doing now in Blender(full human)
  • All the scratch projects
  • Soldering light sensor
  • Won Sorry game in 5 moves
  • I felt proud when I completed the ‘Desparado’ puzzle


  • The graph project on scratch
  • I completed 4 chapters this term very quickly
  • I am able to do project on my own
  • I am proud I am not wasting time
  • I am independent
  • I feel proud to be a buddy.
  • Iam concentrating well
  • I have improved in playing games


  • Electronic project – vega kit(eg, sensor)
  • When working arduino


  • I improved a lot in Scratch. I am proud about it.
  • When I am working on my own.
  • When I learnt new things in the workshop.
  • When I do Stemland responsibilities.


  • I am proud of my 1st term mark
  • When I did a project to find square root in Scratch.
  • When I complete chapters quickly


  • I completed two projects in Scratch in the second term. I am proud about it.


  • When I do Scratch project eg, graph(many people saw it and said it was nice)
  • When I showed and played games to other people.
  • When I practice triads.