Work shop on Siddha Medicine

Along with the interest of the teachers a Siddha practitioner was invited to Isaiambalam School, and shared his knowledge on the history and current status of how medicine is being utilized (Allopathic and its harmful effects without the knowledge of the people using them) He restated the benefits of which can be derived from natural source such as herbs and trees. The workshop was conducted through a day on the summer break. He had given natural remedies for the daily use of modern materials such as shampoo, tooth paste.

He provided the reasons for the body system on how it works and how organs are interrelated. The benefits of mucus production on how it brings out the unwanted content from the body through various methods.

One of the important thing he specified is that people now a days tend to take symptoms suppressant such as paracetamol, and neglect the real reason why the body is getting sick and whats the solution towards healing the body.