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Measurement – 5th graders

Kishor: I learned how to measure the width of tree using thread. We measured the length of the thread using a scale of 15cm. There was team work and we were able to complete the work in time. We measured using creepers as we didn’t have any material in the beginning.

Praveen: I learned to measure width of 5 trees and compared which tree is big, small etc.. We measured the perimeter of the first building.

Guru: I learned to measure length and breadth of the kitchen using thread.

Monika: I learned to measure the width of the tree.

Sharani: I learned how to measure the length and breadth of Anitha’s house and learned to  measure the width of the tree in cms

Ajay: I learned to measure the length and breadth of the prayer hall.

Pratap: I learned that our school has trees that have a circumference more than 350cm. The Gaya trees are big and there is a rain tree (Sirish / thoonga munji maram). I noticed that children don’t need to be given certain fixed instruments for measurement. They were able to find innovative ways to measure.

The first time we measured, it took everyone a long time to measure the circumference of a single tree. The next day, we gave the children a challenge to find five big trees. I noticed that they marked the first circumference measurement on the floor with chalk and thereafter, the rest of the measurements were marked in such a manner as to get a relative idea of the circumferences of different trees. The children were quick to note which tree was bigger. It was a satisfying learning and teaching experience for me.

Tessellation kit:

In Isai Ambalam school the 5th graders were able to identify the different shapes using the tessellation kit. They learnt the names of shapes like triangle which has 3 sides. They also learnt pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon. By using the shapes they were making different structures like fish, flower and some mandala structure. I learnt some new shapes names like heptagon, decagon and nonagon. It was interesting for me that I learnt something with the children.



Hot Air Balloon:

The 5th graders started to build a hot air balloon in Isai Ambalam school. We started gathering  information how to make a hot air balloon. Then we watched some videos to make the hot air balloon. We found the reason why the hot air balloon fly towards the sky. The  we used tissue papers to make a hot air balloon. The things that are need to make a  hot air balloon are glue, tissue paper and binding wire and scissors. we learnt that the hot air moves towards the cold air in the sky and this is the reason why the hot air balloon move towards the sky. I felt the student were excited while doing it . While doing this activity I found the children were responsible for the materials and team work and helping each other and sharing the materials and everyone got equal opportunities for doing the activities.



Sports Day in Isai Ambalam School:

On Friday in Isai Ambalam School we conducted sports-day for the children. The tasks were sack race, lemon in the spoon, slow cycling, running race, three legged race and Tug of war. We started with the first standard class and conducted till 7th standard. The organizers were Anitha and Sasikala. This was the first time that we conducted these game for the student . I enjoyed a lot and it was a good experience to conduct such activities for the children. Other than the participants the children were encouraging the students to win the game. Handling small children with such activities was very difficult. And I learnt that I need to have lots of energy to conduct such activities. It was a great opportunities for me and others to conduct such activities. For the winners we gave laddu and jangiri for the children. The winner got laddu and the runner got jangiri. All the children were excited and energetic.

Prathap .G



Isai Ambalam school on Saturdays

The start of the Saturday classes in Isaiambalam School has enabled a lot of different exposures with various people to the children. Some of the elder students wanted to model Sanjeev’s house with plywood. Then the list was made to buy the materials required and the students came up with the following:

  1. Saw                    x 2
  2. Hammer           x 2
  3. Sand paper      x 1m
  4. Chisel                x 1

But then we decided to use the old chisel that i had already in my arsenal, Sharpening so it was.

IMG_20170401_095104004 IMG_20170401_095048873

Once the chisel was ready

IMG_20170401_101225374 IMG_20170401_101245610

We started to carve in the windows with the correct dimensions, we took a ratio of 1:10 and descaled the House for the wood model.

Then came the task to build a real door, the children kept on a halt the house model and started to inspect room that required the door and it continued to the next class;

The old mushroom shaped room with no door:

We decided to build a door with some unused wood that was ageing without a purpose. This gave the children a view into measurement. They started out by measuring the dimensions of the door and marked the appropriate onto the wood. Then came the challenge of what joint to select, and we selected an open mortise with a pinned corner.

mortise-and-tenon-joint corner_through_mortise_and_tenon_joint

So began the sawing, hammering, and chiseling works 🙂



We wanted to make the joints perfect and decided to carve the wood to have a

In Isai Ambalam school on Saturdays many activities are done with the students. Last Saturday we did carpentry, gardening. Some learnt electronics and some played strategy games in Isai Ambalam Stemland. We also use math for measuring the wood. We also taught how to cut the wood with a saw.



Water project with EBD





Soldering Session

7th graders of Isai Ambalam:

Student learnt about soldering in the Stem land. I taught soldering a battery connector to 7th students with a male male connector so that it can be used in a bead board. Then they were able to use the battery connector to connect with a 7 segment display. They learnt to connect a 7 segment display and they came to know about types of 7 segment display. Then they were able to light their names using the 7 segment display.


photo 4(2) photo 4(3) photo 4(4)  photo 5 photo 5(1) photo 3(3) photo 1(6) photo 1(7)

Savarayalu 13/03/17

Savarayalu 8th Grade Class 13/03/17 

The class started with showing the Piper movie.
What they learnt from the movie:

  1. If we try something we can do everything.
  2. What ever we don’t know, we need to learn.
  3. We shouldn’t be afraid of anything. 
  4. If we have experience we can learn many things.
  5.  We can learn from others.
 Then we asked what would they like to do in Scratch? 

  1. They wanted to draw India map using Scratch.
  2. Parts of the body.
  3. Something with light and sound some wanted to do.
  4. Parts  of animal, bird, rocket, tree.
  5. Some wanted to do poem.
  6. To show name when the mouse pointer is on the vegetable.
Finally Sanjeev showed one example to the students how to separate the body parts of a cat. He introduced vector mode to split the parts of the body. Once the mouse pointer is on the parts of the body it displays the part name. We told them to practice what we taught them. Some student were not able to do on their own and we helped them. And they were able to do it.

At the end of the class we asked what was difficult:

Without using victor mode students were having difficulty in separating the parts of the object.                       


I would like to be rigorous in time management.

Home work:
To create a new project on their own with what they learnt in the class.
photo 1(5)photo 2(5)
photo 4(1)

Pre Amp

In Stem land I was trying to repair a preamp which was not working. I opened it and I tried to find the problem. The problem was that the circuit wasn’t connected properly. I made the connection. The preamp needs an Ac input 9 V and 1A  transformer. We bought the transformer and made a cover for the transformer in the Stem land with the 3D printer. The green box was made by 3D printer. Now the preamp works.


photo 3(1)IMG_0457I